Provisioning Automation & Operations Management

The Ensim Provisioning and Operations Module provides fine grain automated provisioning and operational management of all users, organizations, and partners, for all orders and subscriptions of cloud services, business applications, infrastructure systems, products, and even professional services. Self-service role based delegated administration based on entity membership roles and rights, provisioning service templates, granular entitlement control, change management, physical and logical resource management, metering, monitoring, activation, as detailed action log reporting, are just a few of the core capabilities.  As part of the Ensim Automation Suite it is fully integrated with the Ensim Cloud Marketplace, Service Catalog, Subscription Management, and Recurring Billing Modules, and drives all actions to and from the thousands of Service & Application Connectors, for a complete end-to-end, on-boarding, provisioning, orchestration, and billing solution.

Multi-Tenant or Dedicated Provisioning Automation

The Ensim Service Operations Manager provides complete Single or Multi-Tenant provisioning (and de-provisioning) automation and operations management for single dedicated enterprise deployments or multi-tenant cloud service providers for SMBs. Users at all levels are empowered to perform common provisioning and management tasks via the user friendly web based portal. With total user and tenant isolation, security and compliance and ensured.  Ensim can be deployed in small, medium, or large enterprise and service provider environments for private, public, or hybrid cloud environments.

Service Catalog and Marketplace integration for Storefront, Ordering, Billing, and Payment

The Ensim Service Operations Manager is fully integrated with the Ensim Cloud Marketplace and Ensim Service Catalog Manager to provide a complete turnkey solution for Marketplace, Storefront, Ordering, Product Catalog, Pricing, Rating, Billing, Invoicing, Departmental Charge Backs, Reconciliation, Payment, Notification, and Approval Workflow.  As part of the Ensim Automation Suite each module is pre-integrated to support end-to-end on-boarding, provisioning, and charging actions.

Non-Intrusive Overlay Deployments (no AD schema changes)

Because of its simple and non-intrusive overlay installation and deployment, Ensim Service Operations Manager can be installed quickly and does not disrupt the functionality of existing system management tools.  Administrators use the intuitive Ensim Portal / Control Panel for provisioning and operations management, automation and self-service while being protected from accidental changes or object deletions.

Granular Role Based Delegated Administration

The Ensim Service Operations Manager features a fine grained yet intuitive, role based access control system that allows IT Administrators to create operation specific roles that can be delegated to other Administrators, Department Managers or End Users for management and self-service operations. Telco’s can create roles for Organizations, Resellers or End Users with each user getting a personalized operations portal depending on their role assignments. The Ensim Operations Manager is one of only a handful of solutions to offer a granular role based delegation model spanning all of its supported application connectors.

Built For Shared or Dedicated / Hosted or On-Premise / Public or Private - Cloud Deployments

The Ensim Service Operations Manager is the only solution built from the ground up to support both Shared Multi- tenant Hosting and Telco deployments as well as Dedicated Single tenant Enterprise deployments in Public, Private, or Hybrid Clouds. The Ensim solution is use by some of the largest Telcos, MSPs and Enterprises in the world.

Authentication and Authorization

The Ensim Service Operations Manager provides complete Authentication and Authorization controls such as Single Sign-On, Impersonation, Two Factor Authentication, Granular Roles and more.

Web Portals / Control Panels for Management at User, Organization, Reseller,  and IT / ISP admin levels

Ensim Service Operations Manager has intuitive web portals for Management at the Organization, Reseller or End-user level. It allows MSP’s and Telco Admins to test Organization and Reseller setups by impersonating and logging in as the customer Admin to the portal or allowing End-users to login and perform various tasks such as self-service, group management, subscription with various Approval Workflow and Notification options.

Over 50 Pre-Built Application Connectors for SaaS, DaaS, StaaS, PaaS, IaaS and more

Ensim has over 50 Pre-Built Application Connectors supporting granular role based controls, full provisioning and de-provisioning options and management controls for the Microsoft Suite of Products, Unified Messaging Applications, VMware, BroadWorks and others with an open API for developing other connectors or connecting into other 3rd party or external systems.

An Open Framework and Web-Service APIs for integration and connection to external systems

The Ensim Service Operations Manager has an open framework for integrating with external systems or 3rd party applications using Web-Service APIs, Workflow hooks or the Ensim SDK.  Ensim also provides SDK training for developers who wish to develop and integrate applications or connectors into the Ensim system.

Resource Pool Management

Ensim Service Operations Manager features Resource Pooling and Management to automate the assignment of services to a group of resources in one or more pools. Ensim automatically load balances the resources in pools evenly distributing mailboxes or other services among all the resources in a pool, thus taking out the manual effort required in correctly identifying the resource to be used for provisioning a particular class of users.

Monitoring, Alerting and Metering

Ensim Service Operations Manager along with its service connectors features service monitoring and alerting, metering or usage collections and license reporting all from a single web portal. With connectivity options to external systems, data can be exported to other systems for consolidation or aggregation.

Fine Grained Auditing for Security and Compliance

Ensim understands the security requirements of organizations and audits every action and every task by the user or the system that can be used as forensic evidence in the future. By auditing every action done by an end-user or a system administrator and showing who made the change, its details, date and time stamp, and on what server, Security and Compliance managers can the locate the source cause of the problem easily.

Transaction Rollback Automation

Complex transactions touch multiple systems and have to traverse the internal or external networks.  Any of these systems could have a failure during the transaction processing. If a transaction is allowed to complete with failures, it could result in an improperly provisioned object such as a user.  Ensim tracks the transaction from start to finish and can completely rollback the transaction in the event of a system failure, database issue or a network problem that could prevent the entire transaction from completing successfully.   This results in lower failures, higher TCO and increased employee productivity.

Recycle Bin for Recovering Accidentally Deleted Objects

Accidents happen, but when they do, having a plan to quickly recover and get back to normal is efficiency.  Whether objects were deleted accidentally or deliberately, AD Manager’s recycle bin will prove to be a life saver by quickly restoring the deleted items back to their original state in a matter of seconds.  When user accounts get accidentally deleted, creating a new account is time consuming and painful. Often, user accounts get deleted before their termination date making it impossible to recreate the account or restore from backup.  AD Manager can quickly restore such deletions made via its management portal saving time and money.  Objects in the recycle bin can be automatically purged based on a configurable schedule but Administrators can mark certain objects for non-deletion or place them on hold in case of legal issues and such.

Customizable & Extensible

Ensim provides a great out of the box experience for Enterprises, MSPs and Telco’s who are interested in rapid deployment of the solution. For customers wanting to add their own branding, logo or other customization, the Ensim solution is highly customizable and extensible. Customers can add custom web parts to the portal, integrate Ensim into their own portal or extend to other portals or applications like BSS or back office systems.

Lowers Total Cost of Ownership by up to 80%

The Ensim Automation Suite integrates administration of multiple applications into a single interface. Additionally, the Ensim Automation Suite automates several key administration tasks, thereby lowering the cost of support for the Unified Communications infrastructure.

Increases IT and Employee productivity

With the help of advanced management tools provided by the Ensim Automation Suite, employees can self- service their requirements, consequently freeing up expensive IT staff time to focus on critical organizational priorities and strategic initiatives.